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Our vision

AniCura's vision is to shape the future of veterinary care, together. To achieve this, we make major efforts to collaborate and constantly improve our quality and service.


Ours is a unique family of carefully selected companion animal hospitals and clinics, all of whose staff are united by a genuine interest in animals and a passion for working with them.

Together, we create an inspiring, challenging workplace firmly rooted in the world of veterinary medicine and committed to its advancement – a world in which we are a best-practice example of high quality, empathetic veterinary care.

We are convinced that only by close collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience within different subject fields will we be able to create even better veterinary care for the future. Together, we can achieve more.


Our highest priority is quality veterinary medicine – there is no room for compromise here. For us, this means offering high quality veterinary care where we continually and systematically develop and improve procedures, processes and working methods. Many of our animal hospitals have a history of being at the forefront of specialised veterinary care and devote great effort into further developing quality, and working within AniCura supports this position. 

In order to remain at the forefront of specialised veterinary care, we make major investments in group-wide initiatives to improve patient safety and in developing the veterinary medical competence of our employees through for example ongoing supplementary training, specialisation, research and the exchange of know-how.

We also invest substantial resources in providing our business operations with modern, advanced equipment and technology and updating our infrastructure.


We always seek to provide a first-class customer experience for our pet owners and referring veterinarians by focusing on an approach that is characterised by respect, empathy and commitment. It is important to us that our visitors have confidence in our abilities and the way we take care of their pets.

In order to provide help to pets in need of care, we concentrate on local presence, high accessibility and efficient flows. Many of our animal hospitals and clinics are manned 24/7 while others are constantly extending their opening hours.

Tomorrow's veterinary care is being there when you need us!


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