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Tumor irradiation

  • Cat

Radiation of superficial tumours

We use an X-ray source (10 – 100 KV) for radiation. The tumour treatment thus remains limited to tumours located superficially.
Radiotherapy is based on selective destruction of tumour cells while damaging healthy tissue as little as possible.
Radiation with an X-ray source can only be used in the superficial area and, regardless of this, each treatment of a tumour patient must be planned with the radiotherapist.

Where is tumour radiation important?

  • In patients of advanced age where there is a significant operation risk
  • In patients with tumours where surgical removal can lead to major side effects such as faecal incontinence with tumours in the anal region or non-healing surgical wounds in the case of tumours in the mouth etc.
  • As an accompanying pre- and postoperative measure
  • As a palliative measure to reduce tumour pain, e.g. due to bone tumours in the distal limbs

Only a few veterinary practices or animal clinics offer radiotherapy for animals. Our clinic in Switzerland, the Animal Oncology Center (AOI), specialises in this form of cancer treatment in animals. The link to the AOI website is here.

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