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Surgeries ENT

  • Cat

In the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgery, the focus is on the surgical treatment of acquired or congenital diseases of the head (incl. ear and salivary glands) and the upper respiratory tract.

Operations on the nose

  • Endoscopic biopsies and removal or foreign bodies and fungal masses from the nasal cavity (rhinoscopy)
  • Open nasal cavity surgery (rhinotomy) to remove some types of tumours or large polyps
  • High-pressure washouts of fungal infections of the nasal cavity
  • Closure of oronasal fistulas after palate injuries

Operations on the throat and larynx

  • Operation for laryngeal paralysis
  • Removal of the tonsils

Operations on the ear/auditory canal

  • Lateral auditory canal resection (Zepp operation)
  • Ablation of the auditory canal with lateral bulla osteotomy
  • Operations for ear haematoma (othaematoma)
  • Anterior or lateral bulla osteotomy to remove foci of chronic inflammation and/or polyps from the middle ear of dogs and cat

Operation for brachycephaly syndrome

Brachycephaly syndrome is one of the congenital diseases of short-nosed breeds (Persian cats etc.), which are characterised by excessively narrow nostrils and changes in the nasal cartilages, soft palate and larynx. The resulting breathing obstruction can be improved by surgical procedures.

  • Surgical correction of a soft palate that is too long and/or too thick
  • Widening of excessively narrow nostrils
  • Laser-assisted removal of displaced and obstructive nasal cartilages (laser-assisted turbinectomy = LATE)

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