Surgery on the elbow (CUE)

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CUE is an acronym for an operation on the elbow and stands for “Canine Unicompartmental Elbow”; it is used in the treatment of compartment syndrome.

Compartment syndrome of the elbow occurs most commonly as a result of disease of the coronoid process (fragmented medial coronoid process of the ulna).

This syndrome is characterised by complete loss of cartilage on the cartilage surface on the inside of the elbow, which means that there is direct bone contact between the ulna and the humerus upper arm.

Since bone, unlike cartilage, has pain receptors, every step is very painful for our patients. When the elbow is moved, a crunching sensation and sound can sometimes be perceived (pseudocrepitation).

CUE involves partial artificial joint replacement to enable pain-free movement. A metal implant is inserted on the humerus surface and a plastic implant on the ulnar surface. In this way, the dogs can walk again without pain.

This operation method can be used in medium-sized to large dog breeds.

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